Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about Limo Ft. Myers, our pricing, vehicles, or service area? You've come to the right spot! Below you'll find some of our most frequently asked questions and the answers to them. We've done our best to keep the answers straightforward and simple, but if you'd like more details just give us a call! In addition, if you have more questions, feel free to reach out to us! Our agents are standing by!

Do you service outside for Fort Myers

Absolutely! Our service range expands far across Florida! Wherever you are, if you need great limo service in the Sunshine State, just call Limo Ft. Myers! If you'd like to see a more detailed listing of cities we service, head over to our limousine service area page for more information! Or, check out our friends at this Miami Limo and Bus Company.

Can we drink on the vehicle?

Yes, of course! Drinking is okay by us if everybody is 21 or older! Our buses even come stocked with ice in the coolers so you can chill your beverages. Please note that it is BYBO.

Do you provide alcohol?

No, Limo Ft. Myers cannot provide alcohol for you. You are welcome to drink, however, but as mentioned above, you bust bring your own beverages on board if you plan to drink.

Can we smoke on the vehicle?

No, we do not allow smoking on our vehicles in order to keep them fresh and clean. However, we understand that you may need a break at some point, and we will definitely accommodate. Just let your driver know you'd like to stop and smoke and they'll find a safe place to pull over.

What happens if we accidentally damage something?

If you've damaged something, smoked on the bus, or excessive cleanup is required, we'll have to charge you a damage fee. Give us a call for exact costs. This policy will also be fully explained when you book, so you won't have any worries!

Can we pick up somebody first?

Yes! Your time comes with unlimited stops. Our drivers will go wherever you need them to! Whether you have all of your guests meeting at one or two locations for pick up or if everyone is at their own home waiting, we'll make sure to get everyone. If you need to arrive at your destination by a certain time, take into consideration how much time will be required to pick each guest up individually when you schedule your rental.

Are we required to tip or pay for fuel?

Tips are not required and fuel is included in the price. However, tips are always very much appreciated.

What makes your vehicles safe?

Not only are our vehicles maintained by a team of mechanics, they're also insured if something were to happen.

Do your limos have TVs?

Of course they do! Along with several other great features, like DVD players, colorful lighting, bars, and dance poles on the larger vehicles! To take advantage of the TVs all you have to do is bring your favorite movie and pop it into the DVD player and enjoy the show!

How much does it cost?

This is one question that we cannot answer here. You see, our rates fluctuate with the season - this is how we are always able to provide you with great deals! Further, we take a few factors into consideration when determining price, so we'll need to get a few details from you in order to provide an accurate price, such as date and time of rental and the size of vehicle.

How do I get a party bus outside the area in Florida?

Some great Florida companies nearby we work with are Tampa Party Buses and St Pete Limo Bus.

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What events do you service?

Any and all events! Here at Limo Ft. Myers we are experts in luxury transportation across the board! Whatever event your planning, we have the skills to make it go off without a hitch. Our reliable service and luxurious vehicles make us the perfect choice for anything from elegant weddings for promptness is of the utmost concern, to wild nights out where you need a vehicle with booming sound and HDTVs plus a chauffeur who knows their way around town! Visit our events page to learn more and book a limo!

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