Fort Myers Wedding Candy Buffets

This is awesome. You are willing to step outside the box and try something unique and trendy for your wedding. You have made the decision to create a candy buffet which provides such a nice focal point for all of your guests. With a beautiful and tasty candy buffet, we can promise that your guests will remember your wedding for a long time after it has come and gone. It means different things to different guests that will be attending your wedding. For some, it will be a nostalgic fun especially if you include some vintage candies. For others, it is a conversation starter and for yet others it will be some tasty morsels. Word of warning here though, you want it to be done right. And the way to do that is to hire a professional who knows all of the tips, tricks and techniques to building a phenomenal candy buffet. The Fort Myers area has some really good vendors for you to check out, but you will need to know how to go about it and what questions to ask when you meet with them. So, with that in mind, here are some tips on how to go about your search.

Candy buffets have been one of the top 10 wedding reception activities for the past few years. Your guests will be absolutely blown away when they see the setup. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, we need to find some companies who build these first. We suggest that you ask people you know whether they have ever experienced a candy buffet. If they have and the experience is a positive one, try and get the contact information of the provider. You can also ask some of your wedding vendors that you have already booked if they have any contacts that they could share. Obviously, the internet is a great source as well. When you have accumulated a few candidates, start setting up some interviews. When you meet with each candidate, a logical first question would be how much candy should be included for the number of guests you are going to have. We recommend that you provide enough candy so that everyone can take some home to enjoy. You also need to know how long it will take to put together.

Talk about your budget. Ask what they might be able to do within your budget. They should be able to suggest ways in which you can save if that is needed. Feel free to share your design ideas and the types of candy that you would like to see as part of the buffet. This will be a nice personal touch from you to your guests. Discuss what your guests will have provided to them so that they can walk away with a load of yummy candy. Some people like to provide decorative bags while others prefer boxes. Either way, we are certain that your guests will absolutely love it. Make sure that everything is labeled properly.

Ask to see their portfolio of past candy buffets that they have built for weddings. Make sure to talk about the right utensil to help your guests grab the candy. And another factor is the assortment, we personally like it when everything setup is not chocolate for instance. Once you have all of your information, compare each vendor and make an informed decision. Then ask for a written contract that specifies all of the detail of what you are to pay and what services and product they will provide.

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